The legacy of my ancestry as it leads into many heritage directions. Have fun with me as we look into my relatives family background and history. As we look into history past, we grow with wealth of heritage and family knowledge. This highway to our ancestry is a long one, and will be in the construction phase as I get deep into each of the sir names.
Onward we grow as I construct our family tree.
<To The:  IVEY's , DRUGAN's, DOLAN's, MOON's>
<Heffington's, Fox'es, Lanes's>

The Descendants Reports of are Greats Grandfathers and Greats Grandmothers have been  placed in the Family private section of our family tree. In order to view the documents, you must register first. When registering use your full name: first, middle, last. Names that are not on the family database can not register and have entry.

If you have information to input onto this site, just email me at (Chris Ivey)
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